Raised on copious amounts of canned meats and war musicals on the Gulf Coast of Florida Jordan ventured on to New York City on her own at fifteen via an Elite modeling contract. There she found nourishment in the art scene and gay community, experienced success, learned to smoke cigarettes at Studio54 and attended The Children's Professional School of New York.  Jordan went on to broaden her horizons living throughout Western Europe for several years while working with top international clients.  She also expanded into styling, creative directing and creative consulting.  Adding an exciting stint volunteering throughout South America to her list of rewarding experiences.

Fostered by collaborations with prodigious artists through the years, Jordan returned stateside, built a warehouse studio complete with darkroom, and taught herself photography.  She continued on to learn the gallery business and settled in behind the camera, at last ready to express her own gestalt view.  

Jordan, a rehabilitated southerner, is currently flourishing at the beach in Los Angeles.

Jordan’s exploration of forms and interconnectedness with sleek, lollipop rich images, quickly lead to noted gallery exhibits. "Her out-there brand of wit and lyricism combined with a keen eye for composition” balances between the surreal, provocative and the playful, making Jordan highly collectable.". Her work ranges from provocative images in the Sir Elton John Collection to the aesthetically serene for public forums, such as lobbies of Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons, as well as museum exhibited nature woks.  Her success has been as wide ranging as her work. 

 “There is a sense of the familiar and the confoundedly strange in Jordan’s work that makes such images remarkably odd and compelling, offering possibility”. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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